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Target Company

What products can we handle?

We have a track record in construction and building materials-related products. We serve both industrial clients and individuals.
For individuals, we have tremendous experience in selling the products through home improvement retailers. Please contact us for products in other categories. However, we do not deal in wood Panel.

Do you work only with European companies?

Please consult us. We have a wealth of experience with European companies and understand their business practices well.

We have been working with Japanese companies, but this aspect of the business has not grown as expected, so we would like to explore new opportunities.

Please contact us.

Do you cover Japanese manufacturers?

No we do not.

Sales representative

Is there a complete contingency fee system?

Yes. We do not accept fixed payments unless there is a special request.

How do you decide the fee?

Please consult us.

What is the scope of your work?

We specialize in new customer development and overall sales management.

What happens if the business negotiations and settlements are in Japan but the destination is outside Japan?

Please contact us.


How long does it take to make an initial contract?

At least one year is required, regardless of the product. After the deal, success depends on the motivation of the local manufacturer towards working in Japan.

What do you mean 'motivation' ?

Giving serious responses to very detailed requests and complaints/problems, both before and after signing the contract.
Too many manufacturers fail to meet their obligations immediately after signing the contract. Without overcoming this, it is impossible to build a relationship of trust with Japanese customers.

My products do not conform to Japanese public standards.

Please contact us for costs including for acquisition of agency work and fees for official approval.

What if a customer from Japan wants to visit the foreign manufacturer?

Usually, we will accompany that customer.